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psychedelic doom ? - darkingstom - 03-23-2015

Hi ppl, anyone know more bands like venus sleeps?

So psychedelic doom without growls.

Ty for your time ^^

RE: psychedelic doom ? - Hotrodjohnny - 04-29-2015

Listen to these guys.

RE: psychedelic doom ? - WEEDOOM - 04-30-2015

Im really dont know what is psy doom style, anyway follow the list
Saint Vitus
Paul Chain
Acid King
High on Fire
witch mountain
mountain witch
Electric Wizard

RE: psychedelic doom ? - Nihilist - 04-30-2015

RE: psychedelic doom ? - Hotrodjohnny - 04-30-2015

RE: psychedelic doom ? - beernd - 06-10-2015

Check out what played on Roadburn Festival in Holland over the years and you will have a huge list of the best psychedelic doom bands available.

RE: psychedelic doom ? - punkzilla - 08-26-2015

Windhand, Salem's Pot, Acid Dream, Cryptic Languages, Mount Salem, Jex Thoth, Witchthroat Serpent, John Gallow, Blackwülf, Doctor Cyclops, Les Lekin, Ruby The Hatchet...

RE: psychedelic doom ? - Zakkyliar - 08-28-2015

Dammm, gonna check all the bands in this thread. Rofl

RE: psychedelic doom ? - legacy13 - 09-02-2015

earth for sure if you haven't already listened to them, and sleep is awesome too.

RE: psychedelic doom ? - Zakkyliar - 09-03-2015

(09-02-2015, 08:54 PM)legacy13 Писал(а): earth for sure if you haven't already listened to them, and sleep is awesome too.

Earth angels demons 1 is one of my fav albums nice recommendation! Sleep is up there with earth too. I couldnt see orange goblin in this thread, also a new find for me is omega soul, a great band from germany.