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Can't seed my own torent :=o - joselito3 - 04-07-2015

Thanks for reading & help me!

Dear moderator/administrator, first of all, excuse me if this is not the correct forum, it's being very difficult for me to manage russian with automatic Chrome translations. Please move this thread to appropiate place if you consider it this way.

The point is:
I'm new in these web and I'd like to contribute by uploading some spanish metal, so I made a torrent for "Heroes del Silencio" band discography.

So, I made the torrent, I uploaded it:

I downloaded it, and TRY to download the content (Im using TRANSMISSION client), but I only get the message "0 pairs connected) so I can't start seeding.

Could you please help me? I'd love to contribute with this community, as this tracker gave sooooo much to me!

Thanks, beer & Metal!

RE: Can't seed my own torent :=o - Sentient - 04-07-2015

well you should read the rules and use help 'how to upload a torrent'.. and there is a video tutorial as well about how to upload a torrent..
you can read this thread --->
I have explained here all and have given all links.. hope this helps.. start seeding your uploaded torrent ---->

use English version of tracker - - this address. don't use www at beginning..

Russian version of tracker

Delete this thread after you have read this.. you can use above thread ^ (mentioned in this post) for any help or there is other thread for uploading and downloading torrent..

RE: Can't seed my own torent :=o - PuddleMonkey - 04-09-2015

(04-07-2015, 01:01 AM)joselito3 Писал(а): Im using TRANSMISSION client

I'd just upload with Utorrent and follow the directions given. I've always downloaded with Tixati but could never figure out how to upload using it, finally gave up and used uTorrent.