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Thrash/Doom metal? - rorc6669 - 04-15-2015

This is my first post.......

Has anyone ever heard of a band that plays a hybrid style of thrash metal/doom metal? Prefferably one available on this site, but doesn't have to be. The only bands I can think of that even come close are Celtic Frost, and Dream Death.

RE: Thrash/Doom metal? - Nihilist - 04-16-2015

I don't think this style possible. Try to sludge doom metal.

RE: Thrash/Doom metal? - goatmolestor - 04-16-2015

Tyrannic (aus) fit the bill perfectly, they got two demo tapes out and are doing a split with Innsmouth (aus) last i heard

RE: Thrash/Doom metal? - mistressofdecay - 05-21-2015

I like Funereal pretty much, check them out!

RE: Thrash/Doom metal? - Agheres - 05-22-2015

Try to listen Seventh Angel.

RE: Thrash/Doom metal? - Raubkatz - 05-24-2015

Arkham Witch/The Lamp of Thoth are very close to Thrash/Doom, give it a try