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NSBM spam - DjDead - 06-06-2015

Hey, Ive been a pretty active seeder/downloader here for a while now.

Lately Ive seen a huge increase in NSBM posted, now I really dont mind controversity and such. I find this site to be an excellent source of obscure and good metal, in my opinion nazi shit litters this good site. Some of the music might be allright and I dont mind the odd band here and there. But lately it has been page up and page down with nazi spam..

just my opinion, fuck nazism!

RE: NSBM spam - Che - 06-06-2015

Metal is music of freedom. We don`t support nazi or other politic and religion, but if this music is metal, users can find it in our site.

RE: NSBM spam - beernd - 06-06-2015


I am not a nazi fan either but i don't care bout those who like this music and put it on here. Everyone has his/her own way of thinking.
Just let them be. For me it ain't a problem there is NSBM here for download.
The freedom of putting whatever kind of metal here is what makes this site one of the best metal sites out there.
Just enjoy and don't be too bothered by it.

Cheers Yahoo

RE: NSBM spam - dimanlev - 06-07-2015

Just enjoy and don't be too bothered by it - gold words

RE: NSBM spam - stigmatix - 10-01-2015

So what? There are communist bands here as well.... It's all metal, you know.