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RE: Polish black metal bands - Peter Stubb - 08-09-2020

I'm searching alsaw the band Krzywdy - Czary

RE: Polish black metal bands - dracul666 - 08-14-2020

Doombringer and Cultes des Ghoules

RE: Polish black metal bands - JesterSXEad - 03-05-2021

Mgła, Morowe, Non Opus Dei, Medico Peste, Kły, Massemord

RE: Polish black metal bands - UADAphomet - 04-04-2021

Martwa Aura

RE: Polish black metal bands - Possessed_CNS - 04-18-2021

(01-13-2016, 03:52 PM)Axel57000 Писал(а): Hello.
I want to discover polish black metal bands

I like bands like Kataxu, Infernum, Graveland, Mgla, Gontyna Kry, Wschod...
Do you have bands for me?

Please, don't say Behemoth etc.
Thanks in advance

Hi !!! My favorite polish bands - Biesy, Odraza, Outre, Czort, and GORYCZ ! ! !
Greetings from Poland!  Pleasantry

RE: Polish black metal bands - fyneral_mist - 05-14-2021

I absolutely recommend Hellveto (changed name to Neoheresy), the project of Filip Mrowinski. This band is extremely underrated, but the atmosphere of the tracks is unmatchable.

RE: Polish black metal bands - Angeldemon - 05-31-2021

Archandrja (pagan black metal).

Aūkels (atmospheric black metal).

Evilfeast (atmospheric black metal).

Fornostem (pagan black metal).

Golfaron (pagan black metal).

Grim Sköll (ambient/pagan black metal).

Hellveto (symphonic/pagan black metal).

Hermh (atmospheric black/gothic metal (early), symphonic black metal (later), one album of each era).

Iuvenes (viking/black metal).

Jarun (progressive folk/black metal).

Kres (atmospheric black metal/depressive rock).

Kły (atmospheric black metal).

Mussorgski (black/industrial metal/ambient).

Neoheresy (symphonic/pagan black metal).

Old Leshy (black metal).

Perunica (folk/pagan/black metal).

Pripegal (pagan/black metal).

Sammath Naur (avant-garde black/death metal).

Slavland (pagan black metal).

Stworz (atmospheric/pagan black metal).

Światogor (pagan black metal).

Veles (black metal).

Volfenkreuz (pagan celtic/black metal).

Warmia (black/folk metal).

Wędrujący Wiatr (atmospheric black metal).

Winds of Garden (pagan black metal/ambient).

Zørormr (melodic black metal/dark ambient).