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public or private - naneman - 02-10-2016

hello everyone,

maybe i'm wrong but would it be better to put the site private and not public?, by putting it public more people can enter on it and no control can be made through the users if you know what i mean....

waiting for your responses about that....

RE: public or private - shamanist - 02-19-2016

No control?

RE: public or private - jared_wanted - 02-19-2016

ablsolutely not. if you can not understand what they say in the chat sides, you can use translators (web or automatically, for example, plug-ins - language translators). also keep in mind that in any language (or rather in the conversation) is a momentum that can not be translated correctly. and do not forget about the slang cryptographic operation, which is also very much.

агслшштп екфтыдфеук Grin

RE: public or private - NiFer - 02-20-2016

Hi all..

Free tracker in this way, only need to sign in.. will be good in my mind
Problems what may have in public tracker, will come in private trackers too
People who are interesting of stuff in legally mind, will find a way to private side too

Im new here.. and i loved this place in first sight, also i have experience running in web since 90's
The Way it is.. seems to be great..

I still believe, in web, in here.. theres still users who know how to act, respect of mods, site and other users (dont give up to believe..)

PS. I cant speak or write russian lang.. Sad

RE: public or private - beernd - 02-20-2016

Explain yourself, i don't know what you mean.

RE: public or private - naneman - 03-13-2016

i meant, by putting it private, more control over the members..., maybe i'm wrong but oh well, it's only my opinion of choice....

(02-19-2016, 02:17 AM)shamanist Писал(а): No control?

no control, well it's better to have no control than paying rights for something, no?