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Les Legions Noires - vintersorg25 - 08-11-2016

Does anyone listen to Les Legions Noires? What are your favorite bands from that genre and what do you think about it in general?

I personally love that old, raw and "crappy" sound. It really boost atmosphere, those guys did music for themselves. Too bad this era didnt last long and that most, if not almost all bands disband.

Beside usual bands like Mutiilation, Vlad tapes and Belkètre i love Aakon Keetreh, Brenoritvrezorkre, Toregeist, Black murder, Moevot, Amaka Hahina etc...

RE: Les Legions Noires - OkkultaNagelfar - 08-15-2016

Actually the LLN remain one of my favorite circles of all time, I find them better than the Norwegian inner circle imo.
My favs from them are, Aakon Keetreh, Mutiilation, Vlad Tepes, Black Murder, Moevot, Torgeist and Dzlvarv.
I agree, their raw production and recording compliments their desolate atmosphere, especially the black ambient based ones like Amaka Hahina and Moevot. Nothing better than listening to them, on a cold winter night and lose yourself in thoughts.

RE: Les Legions Noires - Carnagexx - 08-16-2016

Vlad Tepes and Black Murder

RE: Les Legions Noires - Mavas - 05-06-2017

Vlad Tepes,Black Murder and Mutiilation are my favorite bands from the lln

RE: Les Legions Noires - RADFIL - 01-11-2019

thats true...

RE: Les Legions Noires - rusnazi8814 - 05-13-2019

Хорошо жужжали в 1990-х. Сейчас это уже КЛАССИКА.

RE: Les Legions Noires - Death room_0 - 05-06-2020

Документалка об них