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Quorthon's Grave - LivingCorpse - 11-12-2016


Does anyone know the meaning of what is written on Quorthon's Grave - ,, Fromm Forsberg Sulling'' ?

I read it is a family grave - but what does that mean? This explains Forsberg. But..the rest?

RE: Quorthon's Grave - tears_of_fire - 11-12-2016

there are no sure informations around...... "slaktgrav" means "family grave" in swedish...... probably Fromm, Forsberg and Sulling are three family names, and probably it means something like "family grave - members of the Fromm, Forsberg, Sulling families"...... I guess...... anyway, eternally hail to Quorthon  Yahoo

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RE: Quorthon's Grave - LivingCorpse - 11-12-2016

Many thanks! Smile3

I've never though about this, but indeed they do sound like Swedish family names.. At first sight they look like an ancient incantation..

Quorthon was a genius.. Eternal hail, Viking soul!

RE: Quorthon's Grave - tears_of_fire - 11-12-2016

I don't know why, but thinking about the grave of a guy like Quorthon, probably everyone would imagine something like a big gothic weird grim mausoleum...... but, as we know, Quorthon was a simple and anti-rock-star person...... the legend has arrived unwillingly and mostly after his death...... probably a simple and almost "anonymous" grave is perfect to keep alive the memory of Quorthon  Smile3

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