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Brazilian Metal Bands - celuloose - 11-15-2016

Hey guys,

I'm brazilian and there's a lot of awesome bands here criminally overrated and unknown!
Maybe that's a good idea to make this list here. 

I think that there are some albuns already uploaded at Metal Tracker.

Some translations are obvious, but I don't give a damn. I do a good and complete work.

Silent Cry
Gothic / Doom / Symphonic metal

Silent Cry - Hypnosis

Hazy Hamlet
Heavy metal

Hazy Hamlet - Forging metal

Death / Thrash metal

Claustrofobia - Bastardos do Brasil (Bastards from Brazil)

Thy Light

Thy Light - A crawling worm in a world of light

Death / Thrash metal

Vulture - Abençoado seja o homem ateu (Blessed be the atheist man)

Raw Black etal

Velho - O senhor de tudo (The lord of everything)

Power From Hell
Black / Heavy metal

Power From Hell - Old metal

Hellish War
Power / Heavy Metal

Hellish War - Metal forever

Blackened Death metal

Coldblood - Anti-christian neo-sectarism

Crossover Thrash

Bywar - Heretic signs

Progressive metal

Mindflow - Breakthrough

Djent / Progressive metal (I swear they don't look those core guys...)

Andragonia - Silent screams

Progressive / Heavy metal

Noturnall - No turn at all

Possuído Pelo Cão
Crossover Thrash

Possuido Pelo Cão - Demoncracy

Progressive metal

Pandora101 - Patria Traida (Betrayed fatherland)

Death Metal

Hatefulmurder - My Battle

Death metal

Krow - Retaliated

Black metal

PATRIA - Culto das sombras (Shadow's cult)

Black metal

Ocultan - O triunfo da escuridão (The triumph of darkness)

Black metal

Beelzebuth - Inocência perdida (Lost innocence)

Luxuria de Lillith
Black Metal

Luxuria de Lillith - Perpétua escuridão (Perpetual darkness)

Thrash / Grindcore

Test - Ele morreu sem saber o porquê (He died without knowing why)

Garotos Podres
Punk rock

Garotos Podres - Papai Noel filho da puta (Santa Claus motherfucker)


Matanza - Meio psicopata (Half psycho)

Groove / Thrash metal

Korzus - Correria (Running)

Left Hand
Groove / Thrash metal

Left Hand - Scientifical plague

Thrash / Brazilian Folk metal

Cangaço - Bombardeio no Ceará (Bombing in Ceará)

Brazilian Folk metal

Kernunna - Curupira's maze

Tuatha de Danann
Folk metal

Tuatha de Danann - Rhymes against humanity

Folk metal

Lothlöryen - There and back again

Thrash metal

MX - Dirty bitch

Dorsal Atlântica
Thrash / Heavy metal

Dorsal Atlântica - Guerrilha (Guerrilla)

Thrash metal

Flageladör - Unidos pelo metal (United by metal)

Thrash metal

Farscape - Carrasco do metal (Metal's executioner)

Thrash metal

Selvageria - Hino do mal (Evil hymn)

Heavy metal

Metalmorphose - Minha droga é o metal (My drug is the metal)

Death metal

Rebaellium - Bringer of war

Technical death metal

Anarkhon - Medicinal slaughter

Imminent Doom
Thrash metal

Imminent Doom - Caíram as mascaras (The masks fell)

Power metal

Shaman - Distant thunder

Power / Heavy metal
Viper - A cry from the edge

Gloria - Desalmado (Soulless)

Deathcore / Screamo
Moana - Cordilheira da discórdia (Montain range of discord)

Deathcore / Metalcore
Colwire - Nova era (New era)

John Wayne
Deathcore / Metalcore

John Wayne - Aliança (Alliance)

Thrash metal
Deathraiser - Violent aggression

Orrör - Imune (Immune)

Unmasked Brains
Thrash / Heavy metal

Unmasked Brains - New order of disorder


RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - deadlegion - 11-18-2016

I can't see Semblant listed there friend, or am I going blind?  Blush

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - celuloose - 11-18-2016

(11-18-2016, 02:41 AM)deadlegion Писал(а): I can't see Semblant listed there friend, or am I going blind?  Blush

Yeah, you can't see because I don't know this band. Sorry to say...

There are some bands that I remembered after the list: Command6, Dark Tower, Incognosci, Azul Limão...

But it's nice that are bands in Brazil that people from other countries know and I don't kek.    Yahoo

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - deadlegion - 11-18-2016

I came across Semblant by accident one day on youtube. Only have 2 albums as far as I know, they're gothic metal.
Female vocalist is pretty hot.

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - celuloose - 11-18-2016

(11-18-2016, 01:06 PM)deadlegion Писал(а): I came across Semblant by accident one day on youtube. Only have 2 albums as far as I know, they're gothic metal.
Female vocalist is pretty hot.

How do I put this youtube player here? I tried html code, but... bah, I'm a dummie on these things. 

Hatefulmurder (It's on the list) had a man vocalist, but recently they changed to a woman. She is so-fucking-hot.

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - deadlegion - 11-18-2016

Use full editor and there is a button to add video, click that and you change what video source (youtube, dailymotion etc) and add full url.
I had to look for a bit to figure it out here, on another site I just type bb codes myself and know most of them for vBulletin.

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - celuloose - 11-23-2016

Blackened Death Metal

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - celuloose - 11-23-2016

(11-23-2016, 08:45 PM)celuloose Писал(а): DARK TOWER
Blackened Death Metal

Sorry, this song is way more thrash, but definitely Dark Tower is a death metal band.

RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - emmilig - 11-24-2016

Awesome list, congratz!

I am also brazilian but didn't know many of the bands you listed.


RE: Brazilian Metal Bands - BranWolf - 11-25-2016

Wow, that's definitely a huge list!  

I know Nervosa from Brazil, guess they're very well known in Brazil and getting known more and more in EU, but they're mostly unknown here in Italy, they don't even tour here  Cray