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[discussion] Сreation of the English only section - Grazor - 12-02-2011


Is it possible to translate the forums to english or create -ENGLISH ONLY- area?
I dont speak Russian so I have no idea what people are talking about..
Would also be nice if you'd translate the "torrent site" more to english also.

Moderators feel free to move this thread to where it belongs, I have no idea where I made it.

RE: ENGLISH - Zombie_ice - 12-02-2011

There settle the question.

RE: ENGLISH - Helion - 12-02-2011

Well, Google translator is always ready to use, yes, it sucks, but at least it can give you the clue of what we are talking about. Smile3 I agree that english forum area is necessary, because the number of foreigners here increases and they should not be ignored.
P.S. You've made the thread in Uploads > Requests section. Rofl

RE: ENGLISH - emerald_dick - 12-03-2011

We can make English-only area only if administration will agree. English chat is necessary too, I think. There are enough englishspeakers on tracker, so it will not be a huge problem.

RE: ENGLISH - krenz - 02-01-2012

(12-02-2011, 09:28 PM)Helion Писал(а): P.S. You've made the thread in Uploads > Requests section. Rofl

This made me laugh my ass off...

I hope they do add more English. I'm really impressed with this site and I wish I was able to take advantage of the whole site. I realize that translating everything can be tedious, so I'll take what I can get. I appreciate the parts that are already currently in English.

(Now where is the damn 'post' button?)
Ok, now I realize that I just need a better browser. While a slight pain, Firefox does a good job of translating everything. At some point I'll completely get away from IE.

RE: ENGLISH - discord84 - 05-05-2012

Google translate does a great job!!! Just set it up russian to english enter the forum home page URL into the russian side an click on the link in the english side!!

I think its good to see site in there home language and hell why should they be in English!!!

P.S im english from the UK Yahoo

Переводчик Google делает большую работу! Просто установите его с русского на английский войти на страницу форума дома URL в Россию стороной нажмите на ссылку в английской стороне!

Я думаю, что его приятно видеть сайт на языке там дома и ада, почему они должны быть на английском языке!

P.S им английский в Великобритании Yahoo

RE: ENGLISH - ObscureGeisha - 07-20-2012

I totally agree with Grazor, and I'm italian! Unfortunately I can't always use google translate so it would be really great, please admin don't exclude us in this amazing forum!

RE: ENGLISH - orjpap - 08-28-2012

Can any member of the staff please contact me, I want to change my username .

RE: ENGLISH - Ganelon - 08-28-2012

Hell Yeah

RE: ENGLISH - Che - 08-28-2012

(08-28-2012, 06:50 PM)orjpap Писал(а): Can any member of the staff please contact me, I want to change my username .

contact me please. i`ll change your nick