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    Тема: [discussion] Сreation of the English only section
Сообщение: RE: [discussion] Сreation of the English only sec...

I don't know why you created and topic like this. Look better, they already created an forum area only for English language. English-speaking forum: http://en.metal-tracker.com/forum/forumd...php?fid=...
DukeMorax Вопросы и предложения по форуму 19 106,312 01-16-2017, 10:32 PM
    Тема: Brazilian Metal Bands
Сообщение: RE: Brazilian Metal Bands

I really hate Dark Tower, they have a lack of identity and watch them live is really tormenting. Nothing but wannabes, they suck! I am from Rio and most of Black Metal bands based here are only imager...
DukeMorax Metal music forums 33 149,923 01-13-2017, 04:36 AM