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new music

RE: new music
If you want some of the most pummelling ferocious blackened death metal, it comes mostly from poland. There's a band called Azarath (the drummer from Behemoth is their drummer). Check this song out on youtube , Firebreath of Blasphemy and Scorn. Top-tier blackened death furiousness. And if you haven't been introduced to Infernal War, make that top priority. They are definitely contenders for most brutal band on earth. Super fast drumming riffing blackened death style (like Marduk but better in every aspect). Their vocalist Herr Warcrimer is just so hate filled its just too delicious. He is a savage. You can acutally make out his lyrics, it's not corny like a lot of the Black metal sounding like a banshee getting buttraped style, or cookie monster death metal vocals. He just compliments this style of music perfectly.

Now, if you want a more traditional heavy metal album, you need to get acquainted with Helstar. They are my top 5 American heavy metal bands. just listen to their 1989 magnum opus Nosferatu. Ahead of their time. Check out to sleep per chance to scream. This album was progressive, thrashy, neoclassical (yngwie could have learned a thing or two from andre corbin) and just amazing. Half the album is a concept album revolving around the 1979 frank lagnella dracula movie so you will hear excerpts on a lot of the songs, and they use them all too well. I discovered this album in 2008 and it still stands the test of time. I wish more people would riff like andre corbin and larry barragan. Also get their album from 1988, A distant Thunder. Delicious riffs galore, but not as technical and crazy as Nosferatu.
01-15-2014, 10:07 AM

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