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Life philosophy
foul ole john Не на форуме
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RE: Life philosophy
There is some spiritual world, I guess. And probably - some intelligent force, that moved everything. But who is it? And, besides, consciousness determines being. So we can create facts by believing in it. I thik so. Something like: esse est percipi, but not that far.

And life philosophy? Freedom. But MY freedom. I don't care about freedom of the others as far as it is safe for my freedom. And as far as they don't care about their freedom, they deserve to be slaves. So it could be called: philosophy of egocentrism (reminescences of Dostoyevsky, maybe).
I take some things from right wing of libertarianism - but not everything, and not literally. And I always remember, that those ideas are rather clues than rules.
I'm an anarch. Anarcho-individualism, with acap and conservative influences. But that doesn't mean I want to crush the state by revolution and start a kinda "anarch system". I treat it as a method of action, and a way. I don't need the destruction of the state (but it's a nice thing). I only want the state to fuck off of me.
I hate definitions, that try to make borders, where the borders are liquid. I hate fascism, communism, democracy and all forms of collectivism. I hate vegetarian activists, feminist activists, fag activists, eco-activists. And I hate objectivism. And I hate sport channels on TV.
I like meat, beer, metal and bridge. And waiting for nuclear holocaust. And winter.
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RE: Life philosophy
I'm Pagan/ Odinist Rofl
09-21-2014, 01:40 AM


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