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The Comeback
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У нас с: Oct 2013
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The Comeback
Early 90's was pretty pinnacle for extreme metal.
Morbid Angel got signed to a major label.
Cannibal Corpse was on the Billboard charts (The Bleeding)
Headbangers Ball even played video's (that weren't "trending")
Death "the philosopher" Atheist "Mineral"

Carcass released Heartwork
Obituary The End Complete
Sepultura Arise

Tiamat, Paradise Lost were then death metal bands ...

Times were good. Music was plentifull, tours all over the world ...

Then ... well you all know what happened .... things like Linkin Park and what not started happening ... then all the bands ending in the word "core"


meh ..

Notice its comming back ??

New Carcass, New Pestilence,
even alot of the old Relapse bands are out on tour again.
Skinless, Suffocation's latest release is very worth the listen ...
Entombed just signed with Century Media ....

Music ... is good again.

any other noteable comebacks from this era ??
11-08-2013, 12:40 AM
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