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Bands like Xasthur / Burzum (Dark Ambient)
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RE: Bands like Xasthur / Burzum (Dark Ambient)
(04-17-2014, 03:20 PM)erez Писал(а): Bands that play in the style of Filosofem's opening tracks, or Xasthur's long works. I'm looking for stuff in the more Dark Ambient side of these artists.

More Burzum and Xasthur. Xasthur has 11 albums (I think) that are all awesome, as does Burzum. Filosofem being low on my personal list of burzum. Xasthur went on to make Nocturnal Poisoning which is acoustic Dark Ambient.
Darkspace, Seagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void, Kilte, Trancelike Void.
Anaal Nathrakh (apocalyptic not really ambient)
Oh fuck me. Drudkh.
Pretty much all I've been listening to this last bit is Xasthur and Drudkh, little bit of burzum still. years of black metal made it all sound generally the same. Thy Light tho.
And on your thread about post-black, my only vote goes to Ihsahn, first 4 albums are amazing then the last 2 (3?) are weird but still good imo. Starts to have a lot of saxophone.
08-15-2014, 10:40 PM
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