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Boosting the community
Hello my metal brothers

I am interested on creating the biggest metal web radio ever created.Currently my playlist is around 230 gB.I would appreciate if somebody helped me to find out a way on how to get all the .torrent files of your website.I know they are around 45.000,but i need all of them.If so,they will be seeded until the ratio goes about 10:1 for all the data,on a private 1gbps seedbox.Doing this would make the community larger and greatly improve the download speed for everyone.I am asking this,because downloading all the .torrent files manually is not plausible.

If the website administrator or anyone who can help me with my problem reads this,please contact me on salonikios.productions@gmail.com or on skype: giorgis.kostas.

Thanks in advance
Peace out Pleasantry
05-03-2014, 01:45 PM
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