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How is the musical situation in your country ?
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RE: How is the musical situation in your country ?
Well i have lived in Louisiana about an hour from New Orleans most my life. There has always been a pretty good metal scene in parts of the state but especially in New Orleans. I got to see Exhorder for the first time this year , No clue why i waited so long to see them being so local to me. A lot of bands also slide into the Varsity next to college , LSU.
I do miss the smaller bars that used to host bands like Corrosion of conformity , crowbar and Type o Negative. We had one that closed years ago that i had seen many bands i like without having to drive to new orleans.
Even if a big show does not turn up in New orleans there are some easily made venues within a few hours like in Dallas , Houston or Mississippi.
12-22-2019, 12:01 AM
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