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Can't Find Band from Lyrics of their Song
Nw36u12Y Не на форуме

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Can't Find Band from Lyrics of their Song
High everyone Smile3

About ten years ago I heard this song, and for the life of me since I have been trying to find it.

I can only remember that the song kicks ass and from what I can recall the song was about dungeons and escaping hell ...., and the lyric at the end the singers last word is "Hell" which is prolonged, fading out ... (i.e., Hellllllllllll etc in a crackly voice) ...

The guitars fade out with this ending too, and in a nice distorted heavy E chord, I presume. The drums have stopped. So it's just the vocals and guitars fading out ...

I'd say someone who has listened to a lot of metal from the 80s onward would be able to tell. I guess the genre is heavy metal ...

At any rate, the vocals sound like the vocalists of bands, which I have crackly vocals ... which I have searched below, with no luck of finding the song: (This is not too say that It may not be one of these bands and I've missed it ...)

Judas Priest
Man O War
King Diamond
Metal Church
Mercyful Fate

Apologies if I have posted a New Thread, and should have posted somewhere else.
05-29-2016, 05:44 AM
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RiverPlate Не на форуме
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RE: Can't Find Band from Lyrics of their Song
it's so difficult dude!

can you have any clue?
10-28-2016, 09:38 PM
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