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AETERNAL - The Conscious Machine [Full Album HD] in 432 Hz
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AETERNAL - The Conscious Machine [Full Album HD] in 432 Hz
[Изображение: Fo8O825JG5qISSS9lBx9WQ6Zg0Va5VpZNdCAO0Bg...XGFRw=w371]

Hi Metal People!

19 October, 2017 - We are extremely proud to announce that "The Conscious Machine", the first Full-lenght album from AETERNAL, is out now!

The main subject of this concept album is the Human Being, who is at the center of the physical universe governed by its mechanical laws, and the inner Universe, apparently invisible and where laws are opposed to those of the first.
During his life the Human Being learns to perceive through its physical condition the dimensional plan that is parallel to the one in which he lives (just like a machine), and looking around, he discovers with bitterness that even his fellow men are in the same condition.
He develops Consciousness through the silent observation of his physical condition. His hands, his eyes, his heart, his ears, his brain, as mechanical parts, are only instruments, but with which he discovers that it's possible to overcome the dimensional barrier in which he is confined, liberating himself interiorly and therefore breaking the same mechanical laws governing it.

Click the link to listen it free! I hope that you will like it.

If someone is able to create a torrent and be willing to do so, send me a private message. I will send the audio files and full artwork.

We believe that the message we want to communicate is more important than money.

Good listening

10-20-2017, 09:18 PM
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