Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless

Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless
Стиль:Power Metal
Дополнительный:Speed Metal, Guitar Instrumental
Формат:320 mp3
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Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless
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Модерация:Проверен пользователем Hellish
01. Overture
02. Critical Mass
03. Shot Across The Bow
04. Look At You Now
05. Relentless
06. Enemy Within
07. Knight Of The Vasa Order
08. Caged Animal
09. Into Valhalla
10. Tide Of Desire
11. Adagio B Flat Minor Variation
12. Axe To Grind
13. Blinded
14. Cross To Bear
15. Arpeggios From Hell (Bonus Track)


52  Исла де Муерто
2014-05-27 22:48:02

Has anyone seen the "Relentless: the Memoir", Yngwies story about himself, prefered in Audio book format



The rock-and-roll memoir of one of the world's greatest guitarists

Yngwie Malmsteen's revolutionary guitar style—combining elements of classical music with the speed and volume of heavy metal—made him a staple of the 80s rock scene. Decades later, he's still a legend among guitarists, having sold 11 million albums and influenced generations of rockers since. In Relentless, Malmsteen shares his personal story, from the moment he burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere in the early 80s to become a household name in the annals of heavy metal. Along the way, he talks about his first bands, going solo, his songwriting and recording process, and the seedy side of the rock business.

Malmsteen was named one of Time magazine's ten greatest electric guitar players
The author's most recent album, Spellbound, was released in December 2012
Ideal for guitar players, heavy metal fans, and those who enjoy rock memoirs

Book Cover


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