Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark - Singles

Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark - Singles
Стиль:Technical Deathcore
Формат:320 mp3
Размер:36.31 MB
Раздал:DetMoroz Респект  Антирекпект
Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark - Singles
4.99/5 Голоса: 9
Добавлено:22/04/2018 21:45:49
Скачан:118 (Взят - 87) Раздал 1 Качает 0
Сид был:15/08/2020 11:18:28
Модерация:Проверен пользователем DetMoroz
Albums / Альбомы:
2015 - I Love Lamp (Single)
2015 - Fronz Should Have Been A Blowjob (Single)
2017 - Cursed With Schmuckness (Single)
2017 - Girlfight (Single)


41  Греция
2018-04-22 23:51:26


2018-04-23 02:13:07

SHINY! I hadn't even heard of this band before, so MANY THANKS FOR SHARING!

PS: There's one too many Ys there - the title should read "Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark".

PPS: Seems that bandname error is also in the tags of the MP3s, so those of you who download this may wish to correct that (Windows users can use Mp3tag; Linux users can use EasyTAG, though you can actually just do it in Rythmbox Music Player, which is installed by default on many Linux distros like Ubuntu).

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