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Was asked? Got. So?
way to patch up same English - that will do good))
я хотеть вопрос почему русский-говорить пользователи писатать плохой инглиш
well to be honest this is a nice addition to the forums.
i myself cant understand the russian language and as far as uploading shows is concerned im not quite sure how im supposed to do it correctly.
i have some killer albums and dvd's i want to share here so any 1 who can help me understand how i upload albums and dvd's etc with all the tracklist and appropriate info then fire away

It is quite hard to read Russian and using Google Translator or any translator, gives the wrong sentences and grammar use. An English section would be good for the users, they could ask their questions and someone might give the correct answer or some additional information to ensure the best? I know, it is not so easy for the Russian folk to understand the English folk, so just to balance everything, we can help one another (hopefully in a friendly sense) to give the best. Sharing is caring I guess. Ha Ha. Although, this is a Russian site. We have to respect their judgement and rules. Guess that is pretty much fair?
here my friend!!->


We need it! [undefined=undefined]
English forum would be very helpful for us , Non-Russian speakers.
English forum is definitely useful; a site like this needs plenty of users to keep the seeds and discussion running, so the English forum is a great way to collaborate. It wouldn't hurt if the lads from here started picking up a few russki words either though ;)
I think that Russians and us "as English speakers" must be united and speak the same language to keep the conversations up
by the way it's a very great website for metal heads lml
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