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(03-12-2014, 11:46 PM)theembryo Писал(а): [ -> ]Most welcome - You'll enjoy watching most of these cool Women as well as listening, yeah??

ahahahaha yeah

(03-13-2014, 04:28 AM)theembryo Писал(а): [ -> ]Hmmm.... I just noticed in FenrirAragao's original post a comment about things seeming "too Gothic"......... An unlikely scenario to me. ;)
Each have their own tastes, of course - I just had to say something!!

Have you heard of Heliotropes?

Tagged as experimental/grunge/psychedelic/ stoner rock.

Exactly I'm not saying that gothic is bad, actually there are gothic bands with great composition it's just not my thing. I like vocal imperfections but of course not everything. Smile3
And just like you said each have their own tastes.

As for the band Heliotropes it's actually very interesting and seems a really good band but not my thing it's a bit too experimental and psychedelic but for those who like experimental and psychedelic it awesome.
If you like The pretty reckless you should try In this moment. Try the album (Blood) . You'll love it !
Female fronted doom: Draconian, Lethian Dreams, Rememberance
Female folk: Arkona and Eluveite
Female symphonic: Epica,Delain and Within Temptation

As far as my experience goes:
lots of reading hate reading, a really good female fronted band is/are ABNORMALITY
but you must like death metal, or Brutal technical death metal. bands like SUFFOCATION
if youre more int Black metal, DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT is a excellent band
Vanessa Nocera - Skeletal Spectre (2011-13) & Scaremaker .
Have u heard Blood Ceremony? If not I recomend u to do so.
Audition "The Oath". Great sound from Germany with also excellent Swedish metal guitar. And, like much of the Bands suggested by our learned Community here, very pleasant to the eyes!!
Acid King Declare
Skeletal Spectre & Scaremaker are killer also check out Woodenstake.
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