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Hey people.
I've started this ritual of sorts where I enjoy a nightcap with some youtube videos of live metal sets, and it's awesome. Bands I've never seen and in some cases have never heard. It started with a full Watain set at Hellfest.

Can anyone offer recommendations of metal bands with really great live performances? I tend to enjoy black metal shows the most.
Glancing at the site rules, it looks like direct linking to the videos are not allowed, but if you could just recommend a band that puts on a great show, I'll do the hunting.

Thanks in advance.
Destroyer 666
Insomnium, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Dark Tranquillity, Taake, Obscura, Amon Amarth and God dethroned
well, Kreator, Overkill, Maiden, Evil Invaders, Suicidal Angels
Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, Weltschmerz, Kaasschaaf, Severe Torture
Well... I say Megadeth a bunch of times now (maybe 9) and I love that band, but have bands like Amon Amarth, Metallica, Testament, Motley Crue, etc.. that are awesome to see in stage, obviously the first show from any band that you like (to me) is always great. I don't like Metallica but The Big Four's concert in
Sophia and Warsaw was great!
The best live performance 'till now to me was Megadeth in Buenos Aires 2005, was my first concert ever and is my favorites band.
saw Gorgoroth in Tijuana a few years back, that was an awesome show
I find fun to watch: Finntroll - Live in Arctica 20/10/2013; Arcturus - Kruna Pratar 5/5/2012, Braso; Trollfest Live in Oslo 2015. Even the poor sound, they are all cool shows!

 There are some pretty cool weird stuff at Wacken also, like for example Knorkator 2011 and 2014. 
 And all shows on the Wasteland Stage at Wacken seem pretty cool too like Monstagon and such.
Rammstein is really great live. I have seen them live many times and I think Rammstein is the No. 1 band live.
The best for me the reunion of Accept some years ago, show under the rain in a festival, but was killer.
Immolation al the times i watched profesionality and fun.
Napalm Death great shows too.
Testament, Twisted Sister, Lita Ford, Obituary, Marduk and Slash gave me great moments at live
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