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Tracker Offline - RubberFist - 10-17-2014

uTorrent is saying "Tracker is offline" for about 3 hours. Is anyone else having this issue?
Thank you.

RE: Tracker Offline - OkkultaNagelfar - 10-17-2014

Same here and I use Vuze. I wasn't able to seed much these lats two days and today nothing because of it.

RE: Tracker Offline - tears_of_fire - 10-18-2014

Ok...... it's clear that there's some problem here...... Whistle

RE: Tracker Offline - mymetaltrack - 10-18-2014

uTorrent v.2.2.1 says in the tracker status: connection closed by peer

RE: Tracker Offline - Torruin - 10-18-2014

Me too, it's seems to be down.

RE: Tracker Offline - Admin - 10-18-2014

Problem was fixed

RE: Tracker Offline - tears_of_fire - 10-18-2014

Yahoo GREAT! now it works! Thanx! Yahoo

RE: Tracker Offline - OkkultaNagelfar - 10-18-2014

I thought it was from my side but glad it's solved now, thank you! ;)

RE: Tracker Offline - RubberFist - 10-18-2014

Thank you.

RE: Tracker Offline - bouzouk - 01-16-2015

µtorrent says that the metal tracker is offline. It is like that since 3 days.
Am i the only one who face this issue ?