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Favourite Moments In Songs - Kitharistas - 06-01-2015

We all have had those special moments, while listening to a song. They may be just 3 sequential notes in a guitar solo, a high pitched scream, an intro that gives you the chills etc., that are forever carved in our hearts and minds. The purpose of this topic is to gather those moments and share them with other people - and maybe describe how they make us feel. I think it would be nice to focus on these moments and not make it a "this song is awesome" topic.

I will start by posting a part from the song "Kingdom Of The Fearless (The Destruction Of Troy)", by the band Virgin Steele. I feel that the singer, David DeFeis, is really putting his soul on this song, and towards the end, the way he screams the lyrics accompanied by his backing falsetto screaming vocals, makes it truly remarkable...

Time: 6:20 and onwards

"Kingdom of the fearless - kingdom of Gods
Light up the sky, light up the world as we run
Kingdom of the fearless - kingdom of Gods
Light up the sky, light up the world as we...
Ride like thunder, down from the plains
Over the mountains, bronze, shield and flame
None can withstand hatred unmasked
In blood shall pay!

I kill you all...
Die, by the blood of the Gods!
By the blood on my sword!
You sleep in Hell!
Die! Die! Die!

RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - tears_of_fire - 06-01-2015

Great topic, my friend! Grin

Well...... I guess that this will be only the first of a long list of (emotional) contributions......

L'et's start with this one:

OLD MAN'S CHILD - the millenium king

It's quite obvious that "my moment" in this song is the central break and the solo...... the song starts with a wild and violent (yet melodic) mood, then, coming to the central, there is this incredible opening, with the lyrical voice and the solo, one of the best solos in the musical history, not only in metal, but in music in general...... well...... this is something I can call "emotional"......


RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - Kitharistas - 06-01-2015

Here's another one of my (million) favourite moments in metal music. As a fan of powerful and anthemic melodies, this time I chose something from the band Grave Digger, their 1999 album entitled Excalibur, and the song "Pendragon".

After the instrumental break in 2:21, the guitar solo starts dynamically in 2:46, bursts into a melodic/sing-along melody in 2:58 (I love these Aeolian/minor feel melodies), continues with a heavier and faster guitar playing approach, and ends with an intense tapping and a pickscratch that give their place to another break. This blows me away everytime, and gets my adrenaline flowing! If you're a fan of melodic heavy/power metal, you should check it out at maximum volume!

And another one: In 1:23, the singer, Lou Taylor takes a breath and - with that one breath - makes a small "vocal play", then reaches a G#5 note, adds vibrato, and holds the note. All that, in 38 seconds of great energy!! Love it every time!

RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - tears_of_fire - 06-01-2015

Well...... this one......

ANGEL DUST - bleed

for me it's not only "a moment" in a song, but it's "the whole song"...... it's a crescendo, an emotional rising up...... like many other songs, the piano intro is a guarantee of sure thrills down the spine, and here the piano flows underground all along the entire song...... the general mood is in the half-road between energy and suffering, and both explode in the (for me) incredible chorus, that, I don't know why, always brings me in mind a Ronnie James Dio taste...... a great song from a never enough celebrated band......


RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - skywall - 06-02-2015

without explanation

2:05 "Why dont you kill yourself?!"

RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - beernd - 06-02-2015

For me that is... Estranged - Guns 'n Roses...

I don't know how you're s'posed To find me lately
An what more could tou ask from me
How could you say that I never needed you
When you took everything
Said you took everything from me

this song... life in your face...

RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - tears_of_fire - 06-10-2015

THE AGONIST - thank you pain

it's a great song, melodic, violent and powerful, with Alissa and the whole band at their best...... here again my moment is the guitar solo...... short, realively simple and extremely adrenalizing Yahoo

RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - TheAntiContouring - 06-10-2015

Hell to the yeah,μάγκα μου!Γαμιστερά πράγματα...!

It's quite hard to choose my favourite would surely be,among them,that blasting moment at the end of the chorus on Converge's "Dark Horse",or the second part of Pig Destroyers "Carrion Fairy"...

RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - tears_of_fire - 06-11-2015

BASIL POLEDOURIS - riddle of steel + theology / civilization - from Conan the barbarian soundtrack

Well...... it's not only for these two songs...... I've chosen these ones as my favourite and as highlights of the entire opera, but all this can be said for the whole soundtrack...... it's a masterpiece of epic and glorious music, as epic and glorious as maybe no epic metal band could ever be...... maybe all of this can be explained with the Friedrich Nietzsche quote that opens the movie:

"That which does not kill us, makes us stronger"

well...... this is for me the whole soundtrack, the movie, Conan as a character and, obviously, these two songs...... a music that gives me the idea and a feelings of how can be hard sometimes to go through life, struggling and fighting, and coming out improved and stronger as person...... it's an hymn to life, to celebrate how life can be wonderful, just because it can be so hard to live and hard to conquer, even in every simply daily thing...... it could be stupid, I know, but every time I listen to this music (singin' along with my epic vocals "aaah aaah aaaaaah" Laugh1 ) I live again in my memory some difficult moment of my life...... and I feel joy and I'm proud of myself and of what I am......


RE: Favourite Moments In Songs - tears_of_fire - 06-13-2015

MARDUK - echoes from the past

Well...... something that I think must be said first is to recognize the differences (in music and in the attitude) between black metal of the first times and the black metal nowadays...... from the beginning, those primordial savage years, till now something went lost...... I don't want to say words like "underground" and "mainstream", there is a living underground even in the present times, but now underground and mainstream, for me, it's all the same flat-line music...... what that I think lacks in the black metal today is that it's not really evil anymore...... I'm talking about the musical feelings and musical emotions, not shit like burning churches or killing each other or painted faces...... something evil that I can't find in today black metal songs...... today the black metal bands they PLAY black metal, in the first years they WERE black metal, and this comes out from those songs even listening to them now after almost 20 years, songs like "battles in the north", "det som engang var" or "hvite krists dod"......

songs like this one, "echoes from the past" from the MARDUK album "those of the unlight", an album that, for me, is and always will be the highest top of their discography...... this song (and the entire album) throws out evilness from every of its notes...... I've listend to this song for the first time when I was a metal kid, but it thrills again my spine now as in those days........ the song is simply and repetitive as that black metal used to be in those days, almost six minutes of an high reverbered arpeggio, closed with a simple chord progression and a distorted (again repetitive) melody...... ah...... let's don't forget...... the touch of genius...... the sound of flowing water in the background......

well....... surely it's better to listen than to explain...... but what I think that makes this song (and the album and the songs and the albums of those years) a great example of what black metal was meant to be in the origins, is just that: surely is a matter of sound, atmosphere, and it's simple, with the guts to experiment something really out of the limits and with that touch of genius that, maybe, only a young band could have...... and, guys, it comes out f - - king evil, even as an instrumental song, without any blasphemous or mean lyrics......

ok...... those young musicians have become old, now the flame is not as bright as it was, but we still have those jewels to listen, album like "battles in the north", "hvis lyset tar oss", "the shadowthrone" or this one, "those of the unlight".......