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RE: Oriental metal recommendations - Wismut - 09-02-2018

(07-26-2016, 05:42 PM)Necronomicon01 Писал(а): Can someone recommend an oriental metal band (from middle eastern countries)? Genre is not relevant.
So far I've heard of Orphaned Land, Myrath, Narjahanam, Nervecell (not oriental by sound), Melechech, Al Qaynah, etc.

Or maybe some African bands, not necessarily metal, so far I've heard of Ali Farka Toure (awesome guitarist), Bombino (a Tuareg guitarist from Mali iirc), Tamikrest, etc...

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend checking out Tinariwen.  They are a Bedouin Metal Band from Morocco.  

Though less "oriental"/Middle Eastern, a great African Metal band I recommend is Skinflint, a band from Botswana.

RE: Oriental metal recommendations - Veggr - 09-02-2018

RE: Oriental metal recommendations - snegfly - 09-04-2018

нормально )