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    Тема: Suggestions for improvement tracker
Сообщение: RE: Suggestions for improvement tracker

Hello dear members, mods and admins! I'm unable to post a new thread anywhere. Why is this? If there are steps we need to follow before we're allowed to, they should probably be listed in the Posting...
metallicart Website forums 92 180,100 03-09-2022, 01:03 AM
    Тема: Bands with high screams/shrieks?
Сообщение: RE: Bands with high screams/shrieks?

Hehe... Vocals that have always reminded me of Dani's in Cradle Of Filth can be found on ANTINOMIE by Hyems (See especially track 08: "Vater, Ich Brenne") I Just realized that they're not available on...
metallicart Metal music forums 6 20,579 06-28-2014, 01:06 PM