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GraveOzz Не на форуме
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У нас с: Jan 2013
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(10-14-2013, 05:01 AM)lhversaw Писал(а): Actually GraveOzz. When bands music is pirated they don't get paid for their work. They don't get paid they don't make music. They don't make music people like you numbskulls can't listen. Wheather it is a band you like or not. This happens to bands you like to and if this doesn't stop one of two things will happen. 1. Bands will just quit making music or two labels like Sony, Warner, Atlantic and all the other big companies will simply just start forcing people like you who pirate the lost sales instead of going after the real problem that being the people who put it up after stealing it in the first place. Why when someone else asks for their work to be taken down you guys take it down. I ask you to take mine down and you throw a hissy fit?

(10-14-2013, 03:35 AM)GraveOzz Писал(а):
(10-14-2013, 03:07 AM)_psyklon_ Писал(а): who gives a shit about those little bands from your label? this site is like a free commercial for your bands so stop whining

lol i agree with you man.

The ARTIST don't give a **ck if their music is on sites like this, the problem is with the RECORD COMPANIES, they are the ones who make big money from the artist work.

I make NO money off of anything. I pay the bands 40% of what sales come in and I put the rest into paying taxes and into the next release for the next band. Big labels yes they make money small labels like mine... We get put out of business by places like this. Meaning our bands don't get to put out more music. You may not care but their fans and they do.

That's very cool man, but let me tell you this: MANY of the music i like don't come to my country. My question: should i buy an album for 200us$?
I don't think so...

but again, if you pay 40% to your bands i congratulate you.

Good night.

PS: ''Un-Black'' Metal or White ''Metal'' lol what a crap.
10-14-2013, 05:37 AM

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RE: Please REMOVE MY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL FROM YOUR SITE - Автор: GraveOzz - 10-14-2013, 05:37 AM


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