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Bands like Heidevolk

Bands like Heidevolk
Hi guys! Blush2
I'm looking for bands like Heidevolk and Týr.

Bands that do not sing in English, please. Pleasantry

I do not like guttural vocals, so please do not recommend bands that use this type of vocals.
08-21-2014, 12:50 AM
SirHautdesrables Не на форуме

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RE: Bands like Heidevolk
Heidevolk and Tyr sound different enough to say that they are plenty of bands that sound like them.
If you want bands that are inspired by vickings sagas, I can recommand you Teräsbetoni (Finnland) and Сварга (svarga, Russia).
Finnsterforst (Germany) and Dordeduh (Romania) are two bands I realy love, but they alternat scream and polyphonic volcals, so make an effort and listen to those albums:

If you like folk metal but you are not focalized on vicking, I recommend you Avven (Slovenia), Folk Stone (Italy), Kalevala (Russia) and Fenrir (France, Realy good band, but more symphonic and sing in english in most of their songs) or TRiddana (Argentina).
I also recommand you Stille Volk (France) and Corvus Corax (Germany) that are great folk band... Pure folk, not metal, but it is still pagan and powerfull enough to be realy pleasant.

There are plenty of good medieval metal band (All from germany): In extremo, Impius mundi, Reliquiae, Saltatio Mortis, Versengold and, more funny, Feuerschwanz. I'm not sure that what's you are searching for, but try it anyway ;-).

That what I use to listen to and that do not scream. continu to search such good bands. I'm also interessed

I just forgot some bands to the list: Dalriada (Hungria), Hantaoma (France), Fejd (Swedish) and Metsatöll (Estonia).

Ignis Fatuu (German, medieval) and Haggard (Germany, pure symphonic, but realy great voices) may also please you.

I also recommand you Dalriada(Bulgaria), Fejd(Swedish), Skalmöld(Estonia), and Hantaoma (France)
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11-26-2014, 10:41 PM
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Robbiemuff Не на форуме

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Bands like Heidevolk
Were a new promotion company and were looking to book more and more metal shows in Ottawa. So what bands would you guys like to see on a bill, and what venue?

[Изображение: grand-theft-auto-5.php?img.jpg]
08-14-2019, 03:10 AM
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ThomasWef Не на форуме

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It's difficult to tell from your pics but is there some sort of patterning on the outer rim of the object and if so does it extend onto the two protrusions?
11-28-2020, 10:15 PM
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