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As a Death Metalhead, I've always enjoyed the chaotic blast beating Black Metal bands like Marduk, Tjsuder, Bathory, Belphegor and Inquisition; but in recent years, after a short phase of mild depression (My psychologist classified as grief, but he admits that classification is a point of discussion) I went down more into Black Metal. I became a huge fan of Emperor and Burzum and float through the whole spectrum of Black Metal: From DSBM like Xasthur, Forgotten Tomb and Mütiilation to epic fantasy (Bal-Sagoth, Summoning, Calandan Brood) / viking (Graveland, Falkenbach) Black Metal.

I'd suggest 3 brazilian hordes:

Mystifier - This guys are on since '89, they're like the living Sarcofago;
Miasthenia - Pagan metal with some (but not much) keyboards to give an atmosphere and female vocals;
Lamuria Abissal - DSBM, pure and raw.
There are some Folk Black Metal bands that need more attention, and once you're hooked on them you feel like you need to listen to them every day. Like Aes Dana and Falls of Rauros and Numen.
Have always been big on Sympho Black.

Carach Angren
Ceremonial Casting
Inquisition(USA) & Immortal(Norway)
Carach Angren
Dark Fortress
I strongly recommend Erimha.
I listen to some Sigh songs almost every day.
(02-11-2014, 01:51 AM)secs0 Писал(а): [ -> ]Deathspell Omega
Wolves in The Throne Room
Kvist (Stupet is pure love)

And french black metal, in my personal opinion is amazing, bands like Deahspell Omega, S.V.E.S.T., Mutiilation, Sael, Lantlos, Peste Noire, Seth and many more are amazing!!!

Sorry for my bad english

try autarcie... french...
deathspell omega has to be the most progressive black metal out there... simply bizarre music that evokes an eerie feel... and stand out musicianship...
Dissection, Thulcandra, Vreid, Mgla and Lux Ferre specially the album Atrae Materiae Monumentum specially cause when I had lost all hope of listenning to a good band from my country I listened to those guys and they're just amazing.
Limbonic Art, Profanum, Dark Fortress, Urgehal, Emperor, Inquisition, Mgla, Khold, Horna, Behexen, Sargeist, and Pest(Sweden).. \m/
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