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Fucking Great post knowing new bands, pure black, pure ambient, pure oscurity!!!

Here is a proyect of the Satyr, from satyricon black ambient
I didnt read all the post so dont mind if there are some bands on the list that people have already mention before.
First my favorite bm band Midnight Odyssey. Amazing atmospheric/space black metal. 
Then there are: Trist, Gris, Ad Hominem, An Autumn for Crippled Children, Ajattara, Nae'blis, ColdWorld, Graveland, Ofdrykkja, Photophobia, Apati, Woods of Desolation, Clair Cassis, Skogen, Happy Days, Caladan Brood, Darkspace, Nychts, Cult Of Fire... If i contine I will name all bands
If you ask me almost all bm bands deserve daily listening but heck there are too many good bands and too little time Smile3

I started listening to radio Fenriz a few months ago, because he is the man, and darkthrone is the best band ever next to Burzum. I know fenriz feels about how trendy black metal has become, so when he says something like "this band truly embodies black metal", or some such thing, i'll go look that band up. Two of those bands were Nocternity from greece i think, and Vassafor, from hell knows where. but those bands are totally worth looking up.
Hello everyone!!
Now, i listen to a black metal band called Mgla, they are a band from Poland!! an excelent band and they are the best black metal band today!! haha, i saw them 3 days ago in Toulouse with Behemoth and Secret of The Moon!!!
Check Mgla people!! Smile3

I like to listen to black metal band from Asia, now i'm listening to Vallendusk, this band is from Indonesia and they have made 3 perfects album!!!
Frozen Dawn - Melodic Black Metal from Spain
They really surprised me

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Black Metal from Germany

Stillborn - Black/Death from Poland

Mgla and Kriegsmaschine - Black Metal from Poland

Nightbringer - Black Metal from Colorado,USA

Peste Noire - Black Metal from France

Helheim - Black/Viking from Norway

In Aetrnum - Black/Death from Sweden

Necrophobic - Black/Death from Sweden
silence in the room, please  Grin

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