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Metal Scene in your Country ??
3lit3h4xx0r666 Не на форуме
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У нас с: Nov 2019
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RE: Metal Scene in your Country ??
Not what I expected. I had the impression, I guess just based on where I hear of bands being from, that metal was still really huge in eastern europe. It sounds like it's about the same as here in the us. No one is even into learning guitar or drums anymore. Just no one really was excited to see what came after nu metal I guess. Sucks, because what came after was fucking awesome. When my dad got me my first guitar he told me not to get my hopes up, and he told me that most of the best musicians he ever worked with are working regular jobs and have no published works. Truly good music rarely hits the charts because there's not enough people with the mind to enjoy it to get it to blow up. There's a handful of artists' artists out there, music that the musicians of the day listen to and want to emulate. Kate Bush, the Pixies... and pretty much every decent metal album I hear anymore is just.. god damn. It doesn't get people out there buying records though, especially not the young teenagers that get as obsessive as we all were. We need some pop stars. We need a metallica for this generation.
11-18-2019, 10:50 PM
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grillfuzz Не на форуме
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У нас с: May 2018
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RE: Metal Scene in your Country ??
I've named them the "kidz of black sabbath" ... sry for my bad english... Sooo... Even i'm not wearing leathertrousers, important is that you get the groove, the drums, doubled bass and a shitLoad of Riffs... that squeezes my balls enough to be happy and say hello to Electronics/D'n'B/Punks around stuttgart D, especally if they have smaller balls but can groove and of course for the pussys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11-19-2019, 05:07 AM
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kevintoxic Не на форуме
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У нас с: Feb 2020
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RE: Metal Scene in your Country ??
(09-29-2018, 02:56 AM)MetalCat666 Писал(а): Hello everyone !!
I'm interested in your experiences and metal scene/life in your countries.
Imyself live in Croatia and I must say, the scene used to be good, but now there are not many good bands left.
However, what I am most intersted in are the good concert seasons, which used to be so awesome here that we could hardly make it to every great black or death concert, which has also changed during the years, to my great despair Sad.
It's basically due to bad organization and lack of ppl willing to organize big gigs, but it''s still decent.
So, where are u guys from and how's the situation in your countries??
Btw...anyone from Croatia or Slovenia here ??? :-)

Thanxxx and cheers

Hows it going brother?
So, Brazil has a really strong metal scene. Bands like Hellishwar, Mortage and Nosferatu are really great if your looking for extreme metal bands
Now, my favorite I would say its Tuatha de Danann, Folk Celtic Metal from Minas Gerais which I really love. Of course, you gotta be a fan of this kind of Goblin Fairy theme.
I'm sure yall will enjoy it
Also, for hard rock fans, I uploaded a band called Devils Paradise, its really strong hard rock. And Rocket Five, is a psycholdelic rock band which I know the guys and the songs is really nice for a party
04-01-2020, 04:17 PM
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JasAnido Не на форуме
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У нас с: Aug 2020
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Metal Scene in your Country
30882 Clubhouse Lane Hiwan - Evergreen, CO July 19th, 9:00 am - Rain?

Saturday 2014-07-19
Starts at 9:00 am

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08-24-2020, 05:23 PM
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