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Полная версия: What was your first metal show?
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Mine was a local band called Wanted

Here is one of their songs
my first metal show was clutch. not sure if that would be considered metal though
Maryland Deathfest - Electric Wizard.
Best night of my life, easily.
Mine was Tool in 2006
Depends on your classification of "metal"... I saw Loudness open for Motley Crue on the Theatre of Pain tour. I saw Bon Jovi open for Ratt, and I saw the Ratt-Poison tour. I saw Metallica open for Ozzy's Ultimate Sin tour. Pretty much most of my metal shows were in the 80's. The rest were more like Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Trixter, Slaughter.... But the heaviest first metal show was probably Metallica opening for Ozzy. They blew Ozzy away, IMO. I think they were touring their MOP album, that was the banner behind them. You almost never saw their faces either, all you saw was hair flying! This was in their better days. I really don't care for much of their music past ...And Justice For All, because they got too mainstream, too whiny, and lately with that Lou Reed collab, too artsy-fartsy!
(05-17-2014, 06:42 AM)Hermes Trismegistus Писал(а): [ -> ]Iron Maiden: Virtual XI world tour, when I was 11 years old. Obviously I was there illegally, but that's another story.

Maiden was my first too, February 22 - 2008.
I saw morbid angel in oklahoma city in 96 or so. It was also my first time to get whiskey drunk. All I really remember was being blown away by God of Emptiness.
its was Metallica back in the 90´s
I saw Living Sacrifice at a music festival in Oklahoma City back in 1998. They were heavy, boy. They're still a great band now. Check out their new album "Ghost Thief." My favorite album from them is called "Reborn."
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