Nekrodelirium - Apocalypse

Nekrodelirium - Apocalypse
Стиль:Melodic Black Metal
Дополнительный:Melodic Death Metal
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Nekrodelirium - Apocalypse
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Length / Продолжительность: 00:29:30

Tracks / Треклист:

01. Distorted Device
02. Grief
03. Necromentia
04. Apocalypse



41  Россия
2017-12-10 18:32:39

альбом 2014 года !!{#acute.gif}

1000  Исла де Муерто
2017-12-10 18:47:18

@ east1978 you are wrong. the year is correct. вы ошибаетесь, год правильный

RECORDED in 2014, but

MCD RELEASE date 12.02. 2016


2017-12-12 17:21:20

thanks man

1000  Исла де Муерто
2017-12-24 23:59:11

Here are the original lyrics, taken from the booklet. I only corrected some minor spelling mistakes:

*** 01: Distorted Device ***

A disgusting planet doomed by misery
is the real place of pain, hate and sorrow with despair
The future and the end of human breed
is this planet's dying seed

I was sent from hell and to this earth
To create dignity among you all
from the birth
The justified fate will be my belief

One day you shall come to understand
that a wretched creature, like you
could never live the truth
You are just living on to lie another day
And you will fail in every way

Believe me when I say you would prefer
To live your life in fear nor to face your destiny
My hate for you will rage here every day
In hell

Your filthy god was afraid of me
He called me a demon
Engulfed for all in eternity I rage

Rain down to the ground of mountains black
Place the seed that shall start a new morning black
A new day will come for the distorted device
Deep down on the ground you'll ever mourn
And I will create the world that you will despise

Your filthy god believed in me
He called me Satan
And I will kill his distorted device

For all the days that we lived in fear of nothing
is over today, it's our lives that end up rotten
Yet for all, for you and for me in the end,
who will be left to watch the distorted
device, fading away
And they will all fade away

*** 02: Grief ***

My lifeline is like a song
So terrible, forever grief
Those who used to scream with me in pain
Is no longer there

So scared and weakly I wept
The silent, they whisper
So wounded and fallen

What a miracle it is to understand
How deep would you go
to find a better place
When salvation is gone
there is no other way
Grief to take your life

Did they fly away
to find a better place?
Or did they lose their wings
so that torment is what they'll face?
Will my blood infect the dirt
of this earth?
When I in mourning end my life

So evil
It hurts
So scared
Too cold

*** 03: Necromentia ***

I know the darkness better than the light
I have crossed the gates to hell and back to life
Searching for an answer to my prayers
to the spiritual underworld when this world
does not make sense to my soul to be

I can feel the presence through the corpses of those I've lost
and this way I know that he will get me too
That's the only meaning of life and that is what turns me on
Why am I embraced by his sins and in love with the shame?

All this life I've lived sacrificed
and ends up just rotting away
Tormented for all eternity long
Unmoving, stone-cold, way too dead

The spirit will leave and wander until it finds another
Here we'll stay as nothing else but dust
How could I bring them back from the dead
when even my own soul is gone and my body is falling apart

You are my father and I am your child
Together we will rule all what is left
And the last existence of nature itself
No humans shall ever exist again

I know the darkness better than the light
I have crossed the gates to hell and back to life
Somehow they took the souls away from thee
And I have found a way to bring them
back from the dead and to save their souls

I was given a choice to forget everything
and live my life in peace
Instead I chose hell
To turn men against his brother
until man exist no more
Just to see them again I will give him my soul

I will serve you in darkness until
My soul will die and rot in your hands
Satan, with you I belong
No light shall bother me no more

*** 04: Apocalypse ***

Recent years passes as the time has left this earth
Trees are now falling and the cold takes over
with a slanderous gray thatch
The seasons has passed as this world slowly dies
All physical life is fading out but our souls,
those who can never leave this state

As the watchers and observing eyes who can not
Be closed again. Never!
Our souls will forever stay trapped as ghosts.
In this dying place, lost!
The residual hell that we all will be forced to relive
And the terrible evil that mankind created for all
eternity long

The time has come, the end has begun
All the living will suffer and then they will die
For no evil can ever be stronger than the evil
that mankind are and have created
If I could have saved this planet
I would kill myself and take my kind with me

As you are passing the gates to hell
on your way to death
Do not wish to be reborn
It's when your soul is trapped as a ghost
forever on planet earth
You realize that you should sleep forever
in eternity, but it's too late

2018-06-07 18:57:43

Thanks :) 

2018-11-04 21:49:13

{#good3.gif} thank

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