Make A Change... Kill Yourself - Discography (2005 - 2019)

Make A Change... Kill Yourself - Discography (2005 - 2019)
Стиль:Depressive Black Metal
Формат:320 mp3
Размер:640.95 MB
Раздал:Varg Респект  Антирекпект
Make A Change... Kill Yourself - Discography (2005 - 2019)
4.98/5 Голоса: 7
Добавлено:05/12/2019 09:51:09
Скачан:228 (Взят - 330) Раздал 16 Качает 3
Сид был:27/01/2020 15:18:18
Модерация:Проверен пользователем Varg
Albums / Альбомы:
  2005 - Make A Change... Kill Yourself
  2007 - II
  2012 - Fri
  2018 - IV
  2019 - Oblivion Omitted




2019-12-05 09:56:39
27  Беларусь
2019-12-05 10:11:30

прошу у всех прощения, полетел торрент, обновите / I apologize to all, flew torrent, update

2019-12-07 22:50:56

Sorry guys, couldn't contain myself from getting it out - this is the most disgusting band name i've ever heard. I'd rather this fuck killed himself. I truly disgusted. W|ould fucking smash the fucker's face with a metal pipe.

I know it's art. Sorry again. Smashed it again and again for this fucking message. Stupid fucking depressive fucking black metal head. I'd shashed his fucking face and head his fucking disgusting black metal head to bits and till it's just pulpl.

It's bad art suicide is disgusting and urging to do it is despicable.

Fucking Danish fucking stupid fuck.

Could help meself. Sorry folks. you can delete it if you want. BAd day. Ususally I don't write anything and i'M pretty meek. And I think I'm supposed to post it in a forum. But could't help meself. Whatever.

2019-12-07 23:02:08


2019-12-07 23:45:01

damn! the band name is a joy to life.... such a stupid name for a rock band.

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