Iudaeorum Mortem - Driven by Codex of Chaos

Iudaeorum Mortem - Driven by Codex of Chaos
Стиль:NS Black Metal
Формат:VBR mp3
Размер:39.74 MB
Iudaeorum Mortem - Driven by Codex of Chaos
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Добавлено:07/03/2021 17:32:47
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Сид был:06/08/2021 02:22:22
Модерация:Проверен пользователем fireseed
Length / Продолжительность: 00:29:21

Tracks / Треклист:

01. Intro
02. Hang The Nazarene
03. Proclamation Of Unholy Warfare
04. Siehe Die Macht Des Vierten Reiches
05. Purification Kommando
06. Driven By Codex Of Chaos
07. Atomkrieg
08. Bless As The Great One, Chaos Lords And Evil Incarnate
09. Sadist Dogma
10. Dark Apostle Blasphemia
11. March,Kill,Conquer,Purify


2021-03-07 23:55:32

You boys don't learn any fucking thing, right?

2021-03-08 10:16:47

You boys don't learn any fucking thing, right?


2021-03-08 15:33:10

Forgive me, but it is absurd to be in favor of an ideology that openly despises you, for the simple fact of being what you are. If you are Polish (or from a Slavic country) you are supposed to know the atrocities that the Nazis did to people just like you. In itself, for a person from Germany to be a Nazi is horrible. But, from Poland?  complete nonsense.

However, there is free will, and each person is aware of the flag that he takes for himself. But bands of this type are still totally ridiculous. 

2021-03-08 16:22:51

This is a musical site, so sometimes you find bands with debatable political ideas and, for the same reason, you find band with religious ideas that someone find questionable. Let's just talk about music.

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