Rome In Monochrome - Discography (2018 - 2023)

Rome In Monochrome - Discography (2018 - 2023)
Стиль:Atmospheric Doom Metal
Дополнительный:Dark Metal, Melodic Doom Metal
Формат:320 mp3
Размер:242.48 MB
Раздал:Varg Респект  Антиреспект
Rome In Monochrome - Discography (2018 - 2023)
4.39/5 Голоса: 12
Добавлено:23/12/2023 15:58:25
Скачан:353 (Взят - 430) Раздал 5 Качает 0
Сид был:27/05/2024 06:42:24
Модерация:Проверен пользователем Varg
Albums / Альбомы:
2018 - Away From Light
2023 - AbyssUs


2023-12-23 21:15:16


2023-12-23 21:25:36

2018 год шикарный, 

50  Канада
2024-03-28 02:33:20

This band is wonderful! I can listen almost anytime but in evening getting sleepy, it is perfect. Great vocalist(s) and just a relaxing, pleasant music, sometimes somber, a bit depressing, but lovely. Thank you very much, I am glad to get to enjoy Rome in Mono.

50  Канада
2024-04-03 08:41:33

Like I said earlier, I really love this group.

Not sure if 'monochrome' in the name is due to the style of music or vocals they create, but it fits, in a curious way:

this music, you can get into the rhythm, the mood, and not be jarred out of it; the songs are longish.... Monotonous is the right word, although not with the usual negative connotation of this word; monotonous is like monochrome, in this case, especially the singing. Long, melodic, moody peaceful engaging songs that you can get into, achieve the mood of the song, even relate your life to the lyrics if you pay attention to them. Really great music. Wish for more of Rome in Monochrome. These two albums are for me 10/10

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